Available Babies

We are helping out two breeder friends. We are willing to do this when we know the breeder has our same standards and philosophy on breeding.


Rebecca is located in Colorado and has 2 litters that have been born.  

Steve's line is where our females come from (Izzy, Aspen and Ember and Delta).  He is located in Missouri (10 hour drive or 1.5 hour flight, easy to fly in and pick up your baby and fly back same day. We suggest Southwest for flying).  Steve has 2 litters coming soon.  

If you are interested in one of these babies or upcoming litters, fill out the contact form and let me know which puppy so I can pass your name and number on to them.  


Rebecca's babies are here!

Rebecca's babies are here and thriving.  If interested in one of her babies me know.


Rebecca's Litter born August 2, 2022

This is a beautiful litter of 3 - There are 2 females (merle and a sable) and 1 male (cream) 
ready to go home around Sept 27th

photo0 (1).JPG

Rebecca's litter born August 18th

Not expected in a litter to have 12 but this mom was amazing and doing a great job.  This litter has 6 merle females, 4 solid colored females, and 2 solid colored males.  Babies will be ready to go home around October 11th


Upcoming Litters

We have French Bulldog puppies coming soon and litters planned.

*Please read "Buying a Puppy" page to see our process and then contact to get on our waiting list.

**Photos of males on the Stud page


Upcoming Litter 

Ember and Brisbee
planned for Late 2022/early 2023


Upcoming Litter

Izzy and Louie

planned for 2022 (we are still waiting for her to come into heat)

Waiting list is FULL


Waiting List for Aspen 2023 litter has begun

Aspen and Brisbee planned 2023