Louie GrumpyPants
Come on this Adventure with us. 


Louie GrumpyPants blog, social media and merchandise

What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world?  I enjoy writing about my passions and interests which of course are my babies (fur babies).  Those that have met me in person know that my Louie GrumpyPants is a true d@#k.  On the surface everyone thinks Louie is the sweetest, most loving dog around.  I know better.  He can appear to be sweet and loving and secretly waiting to lash out.  What better way to talk about Louie's adventures than on a blog.  

Louie GrumpyPants blogs are here to bring a little light hearted humor and happiness to your day with maybe a hidden message ever now and then.  

**We are also waiting for his children's book to come in.  The Story of Louie GrumpyPants.  We are so excited.  

Come visit his page and follow us on the social site of your choice.  He is on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.  Just look for Louie GrumpyPants or Don't be a Richard by Louie GrumpyPants

Below is the link to Louie's own website.  

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